One week later

knit the hell out


I promise this won’t turn into a baby-centric blog, but my world is a bit baby-centric right for the moment. Just a week ago today this little nugget was born. We are so fully in love with her. This is one of the best parts of new parenting–having a sweet dozing baby on your chest.

We are getting the hang of things. Day 4 and 5 postpartum were rough ones with some of the rockiest emotions I can ever remember having. The hormonal storm has subsided and even though we are lacking some sleep, we are slipping into some quiet contentment.


Zooey is hanging in there. She seems ambivalent about Charlotte some of the time and enamored with her at others. It will take some getting used to and we are being accepting of all of her feelings. She seems like such a big kiddo now, having conversations, and…

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